Bryn Oh at Dutch Design Week


Flutter in the subway

Milkdrop and Flutter
       I will be part of an event called Dutch Design Week that runs from the 17th-25th of October in
Eindhoven.  I am presenting my virtual reality work "Hand" in both Second Life and in Sansar and there will also be a live stream exploring first Second Life as a 2d virtual artwork and then in Sansar as a 3D virtual reality contemporary artwork.  The walkthrough streaming event will be at the start of the festival for Saturday the 17th at 11am PDT for SL and then 11:30am PDT for Sansar.  


Second life slurl if you want to come.

livestream by Chantal Harvey



 Den Tadsio will stream from Sansar with his VR

and if you want to explore with us...




steampunk seahorse

The obese man


     Hand was created with financial support from a grant by the Ontario Arts Council.  You can also watch me going through Hand using VR in this video I made for York University students.  Pretty much I act weird while following the story.  I added a few bits of text here and there explaining my process but didn't want to over burden it with text to read.  



I don't know all the details for the event, we do have personal vr pages but I think they are not open to the public yet.  There is also a discord page 

Juniper and Flutter


Carlos said…
You do amazing work Bryn. I spent 3 hours in Sansar taking pictures of your work. Ended up with 96 shots. I am a big fan of classic surrealism, after WWI. You are up there in that level of story telling and the art. Congratulations. Carlos

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