"Hand" closing

Flutter and her suitcase
I will be deleting my work "Hand" on Sunday night or Monday in order to begin something new.  It has been a good run with close to 40,000 visitors, and still 40-50 visitors a day all these months later.   So I am pleased.  It  has all been filmed now too so one day I can turn it into a machinima movie similar the Singularity of Kumiko, Imogen and the Pigeons and The Rabbicorn story/Standby.  That might not be for several months though.  Hand was a very elaborate creation for me and quite exhausting to make.  Coming up with the story, writing it, building and
Cardinal Drone
texturing, sounds and composition.  It took four months just to build it and to create something similar is kind of exhausting to think about.  So having said that I have decided to create a series of works based on poems I have written.  These will be simpler and might focus on characters I have created in the past that were done before mesh existed.   I will focus more on the composition of a single scene rather than that of an entire virtual environment.  There will still be all the hidden bits people expect, but likely wont have a hud and excessive scripting.  Though if there is a scripter out there who excels in
Flutter taking the hand
pathfinding I have a few ideas to try.. so contact me if you like.   I should also mention that on Saturday there will be a music event set up by Phemie Alcott.  I was asked to build a stage for the event and decided to make it a tiny elevator where everyone will be squished together invading each others imagined personal space.  Even the musicians will be squished into the elevator.  I am going to be away this weekend so I don't think I can be there so hopefully someone will take a few pictures on flickr so I can see how squishy it was.  If you would like more info message Phemie Alcott.  Oh and I made it using materials and advanced lighting... so if you can put those on yay! but will be laggy so probably not many can.                                                  What else.... oh I found a
pen and ink sketch
monarch butterfly caterpillar and it is in a jar now.  I have named him Steve and he has been chewing milkweed leaves like crazy.  I will do a post on that later.  What else do I have to say?  I don't have anything.  I must have  something interesting to say! .. but what?  Oh I just put a half dozen paintings into a gallery... that is kind of interesting.  I already talked about the bronze sculpture.  There is one left btw if anyone would like it.  Also I am thinking of making 30 more so if anyone is thinking they would want one then message me at brynohhh@gmail.com   Oh here is some news.  So a new movie is coming out in a few weeks or so called "It" by Stephen King the horror writer.  It was filmed in my neighbourhood!  and Warner brothers have allowed us to show "It" in a local theatre early before it opens to the public.  And I am going I think.. even though it looks scary as fuck.  Clowns in sewers .. what a great combo.   Some of  the kids from Stranger Things is in it. 
The Elevator

 Ok I think I ran out of things to say.


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