Keynote speaker for International Art Education Association

 On Saturday September 24th I will be doing a talk on creating virtual art for the International Art
Presqu'ile park
Education Association.  And then once the talk is complete I am going camping!  Yes camping in late September in Canada.  At this time of year you never really know what kind of weather you will get, was hot last week but could be chilly at night.  Anyway cool weather is good for a camp fire and smores.  The campsite itself is right off of a stony beach and oh so beautiful.  I am excited!  But yes I am also doing a keynote talk for InAEA which is connected to the University of British Columbia.  The talk will focus on the unique traits of the virtual medium in art creation. 


 Date/ Time: September 24, 2016 (Saturday)/8:00 am PDT to 3:30 pm PDT

There are some talks all through the day and they sound really interesting have a look at the site to read up on them, also the slurl is there.

     I would like to stay and listen to them all but did I mention I was going camping?!  I wish I could take them all with me and hear their talks while eating a hot dog on a stick around a campfire.  You know I can only eat hot dogs when I go camping.  It's a sad story.  I used to like them until one day I made a hot dog and sat down in front of the tv to watch something while I was eating.  It had mustard, ketchup and sliced pickles on it I seem to recall.  As luck would have it when I turned on the tv a show was already running which was on how processed food was made, and the segment I happened to pop into was specifically on hot dogs.  I won't go into details in case you, fine reader, are a fan of hot dogs.. I wouldn't want to take that away from you, but it broke me and my love of the occasional fast and easy hot dog.  It was never high cuisine to me but rather a quick food when I was really lazy.  You need a food like that and I lost mine.  Well one of mine (high five peanut butter and jam sandwich!) Strangely though, when camping I can eat hot dogs.  What kind of science is this!?  Stephen Hawkins stop worrying about aliens and tell me!  I digress.  Anyway so yes I am doing a talk tomorrow (then I am going camping!) and you are welcome to come if it sounds interesting to you.  Not camping but to the talk.


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