High Fidelity creators program

     I spoke with Lemondrop Serendipity here in Second life about a month ago and she invited me to create something for Philip Rosedale's (ex ceo of Linden Lab) High Fidelity virtual world.  And they pay you! whaaat? all the artists reading this blog say at once.  An artist being paid for their time and effort?!  preposterous!  Yes it's true you didn't read that wrong.  I spoke to them about Cica Ghost and she is going to make something there now too.  I also have heard Glyph Graves is coming.
   I think the world is probably a bit buggy right now but from watching the video above it looks like it might be interesting to create something there using its strengths.  I am not quite sure what its strengths and weaknesses are right now but they have a support staff who are eager to help.
     In other news I am busy building a new work on Immersiva which I am calling "Hand" right now but its coming along pretty good and hope to have it done in a month or two.  I will keep you informed for both projects as they progress,  I know the High Fidelity one needs to be completed by November so its not much time but will be fun.

Here is the beta download for High Fidelity which came out August 25th.  https://highfidelity.io/


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