The Gathering

     The Gathering will open on December 1st.  Please be sure to accept the dialogue box that says "do you accept being in Bryn Oh's experience?" or something like that because.. well.. it's more fun if you do.  It simply allows the rolling balls to kill you and send you back to the start of the sim as well as give me access to your credit card information, your webcam, your Granny's phone number and your deepest secret.. ok not the latter bits but just the rolling ball thing.  I quite understand automatically declining any box that pops up as I regularly do it myself.  It is this irrational go away box! reaction
that I get. 

     So this new build is kind of an experimental one where I have been testing out some ideas but still trying to keep it cohesive.  In a notecard at the end I explain a bit where some of the ideas came from, and as you can see with these two images the Gathering story came from converting some pen and ink drawings that I did into 3D scenes.   I had received a commission to do pen and ink illustrations for a coffee table book based on my paintings but I had actually barely did any pen and ink before.   So I had to learn how to do it.  I studied the works of John Tenniel, George Cruikshank, Van Gogh's lovely drawings and others including Edward Gorey.  And these pen and ink illustrations were what I did to learn the techniques, but I really loved the final ones and wanted to do something with them.. so here it is.  Pen and ink using a nib is a difficult yet very rewarding way to illustrate.  You have an ink pot and dip your pen in to get a bit of india ink, then spend hours putting in little markings creating the sense of depth in light and dark.  Then after two hours you drop a big blob of ink right in the middle by accident, swear like a sailor and then start over.  Anyway I hope you will enjoy the machinima and build.


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