Metaverse Creativity academic journal - Consensual hallucination: Bryn Oh’s Second Life-based work

      I am pleased to announce that my artwork has been featured in an academic journal in a piece written by Dr. Francisco Gerardo Toledo Ramirez.
I read the work and thought to myself...   Don't I sound like an interesting person?...  from this day forth I must endeavour to keep my mouth closed so as not to dispell this wonderful illusion.

Below is a description of the journal and its goals.

Metaverse Creativity: Building, Performing, Learning and Authorship in Online 3D Worlds is a referenced journal focusing on the examination of creativity in user-defined online virtual worlds such as Second Life®. While such creative activity includes artistic activity, this definition should in no way be limited to artistic output alone but should encompass the output of the various disciplines of design - such as fashion and object design, landscaping and virtual architecture - that are currently all amply manifest in Second Life®.

"the focus of this journal is an examination of the prolific creative activity in the metaverse – from art, design and architecture to research and education to play and entertainment."

     I have since been asked to be on their board of directors and my role there essentially would be to direct the various professors, curators and writers that I seem to come across, to them.  So if you have an interest in being published then they will be happy to have a look at your work.  I am including a link below with the submission guidelines.,id=179/view,page=2/

If you are a professor or simply have an interest in reading some really great pieces on our this fairly new contemporary medium then check one of those links and there is some info on purchasing the book or articles by PDF.,id=2827/


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