The Singularity of Kumiko

The Singularity of Kumiko
 On February 14th 2014 my new immersive work will open on Immersiva.  There are, as usual, some specific settings which need to be set up for this artwork.  The difference this time being that the settings are essential for the story to work properly.  At the entrance are some fairly simple things to do which should take perhaps five minutes.  I have directions for Singularity viewer and the default SL viewer 3, but the best viewer to use is Firestorm as it has the most effective windlight and shadow settings available.

     This artwork will use some features in a unique way allowing for a quite different experience which, sadly, is fairly demanding on your computer.  I have tested extensively and have found that most are able to run, while experiencing minimal lag, the artwork on mid range computers.  To help keep lag minimized I will cap the avatar limit on Immersiva to 10-15.  As with Imogen and the Pigeons, I am attempting to look at the virtual medium and determine what is unique about it over other mediums such as painting, sculpture and cinema. Then I work towards using those strengths to create an immersive experience that is specific to a multi user environment.  Some things that can help with the immersion is if you are able to turn the lights down low in the room as you explore, as well as turn up the ambient volume.  Essentially you will need a special windlight, shadows enabled and a headlamp. I should also mention that while it is a love story of sorts... it also possesses an element of danger so you will need to be a careful.  The artwork is open ended and you may feel lost at certain points, but that sense of anxiety is essential to the narrative.

I hope you will enjoy it.


Anonymous said…
I lost myself and nearly got killed in the most interesting way possible, must return!
I am often reading and watching "Singularity" with tears in my eyes. I do not know whether Bryn is better in SL or outside/RL. One should follow both sides for complete story and understanding. Bryn is great artist but great thinker too, Story is very complex and Bryn gave new dimension to profane SL.

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