Whoopsy daisy

     I got a message the other day from a friend who is also the owner of the sim where my shop is/was located.  His account was locked out as he owed Linden Lab money I expect.  Kind of reminds me of my previous patron named Dusan Writer who gave me Immersiva six years ago.  He was also locked out and one day Immersiva suddenly was gone when I logged in.  That was kind of disturbing as you can imagine.  Was like when my car was towed once and I stood around all confused thinking "I am sure I parked here.."  I knew it wasn't stolen because I leave the door and glove box open so people don't damage my car trying to break into it.  The can just have a quick look to see there is nothing worth stealing.
      Anyway, I digress.  What was kind of shocking when Immersiva disappeared was that a blogger named Hamlet Au suggested I do a crowd funder to see if people would donate to bring Immersiva back.  I was resistant to the idea because it kind of felt like begging to me as well as I had a fear that nobody would donate and it would just be kind of humiliating.  I was once auctioned in high school for charity with the idea that you would be somebodies servant for a day.  Fortunately I worked out ahead of time for a friend to buy me if there were no bids.  Turns out he eventually won the bid and I had to pay him back.  So I bought myself.  I was pretty annoyed with him for raising the bids when he was using my money and could have let someone else win.  Anyway, I set up a crowd funder for Immersiva and set it to last two months to raise a goal of $6,000 US dollars for tier for two years or so.  I was surprised to see the goal reached in a matter of hours on the first day.  That was pretty rewarding. 
     So yesterday I told my group the shop would be closing and lots of people came by and we chatted.  I procrastinated in taking a copy of the shop and well... I never actually got around to it and now the regions are deleted.  What is kind of cool for you though, if you bought things yesterday, is that for some of those works I didn't have a copy of them at all.  I am bad that way sometimes.  So yay you may have some works that are particularly rare now. 


Kara Trapdoor said…
OMG.. you didn't save copies? I would be sad at the loss, but sounds like you are getting used to this sort of thing by now. Sorry

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