Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Media Grant... two

     I have a bunch of exciting announcements to make over the next little while but they can wait because I have just received a letter in the mail from the Canadian Government saying that I have been awarded a second grant based off of the artwork which I create here in virtual worlds.  I originally received a grant a few years ago to create the build and machinima for Standby which I will post below.  They have doubled this grant this time and I am super happy.  There were just 16 grants awarded and I am really proud of the OAC for recognizing the value and nature of this frontier form of artwork then supporting it.  Much of the world is unable or unwilling to recognize that virtual art and its artists are currently laying the groundwork for what will eventually be a medium standing equal alongside traditional art forms such as sculpture, painting, cinema and photography.

     This new grant will support, among other things like the study of and incorportation of the Occulus Rift, the creation of a machinima for Imogen and the Pigeons which recently closed on Immersiva.  Much of the application focused on the above previously created machinima for Standby as well as the single room within Imogen and the Pigeons that I filmed called Juniper (below).   I am very happy and over the next little while I will post at least four other big things on the horizon that I am excited about.
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