Sunday, October 20, 2013

UCCSL meeting with IP Lawyers

     Since the TOS changes there has been a slow but steady movement within the community to evaluate what the TOS actually means and just what might the intentions of Linden Lab be.  People like Kylie Sabra have stepped forward along with others to create groups such as The United Content Creators of SL whose membership, in just a few weeks,  is at 370 and growing.   I have been watching the blogger community and it is kind of interesting to see who puts out fluff daily while completely avoiding the topic, to those who give an opinion one way or the other.  So if you are not sure what groups or people will stand up for you as an artist or creator then all I can say is there are a few groups, some behind the scenes, but perhaps for now join the The United Content Creators of SL.
     Below is a long but informative video hosted by the UCCSL  which recorded yesterdays in-world meeting with three IP lawyers discussing what the TOS language means.  I would start at 7 min in, then play it in the background as you do something else like build a pillow fort.  I found it quite informative, especially when discussing other TOS wording by companies such as yahoo, Facebook and so on.  Why they used certain words and what text is most disturbing.

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