Immersiva news

 I have put down a little environment on Immersiva while I build Imogen and the pigeons  The main part is from Gretchen and Teddy and you can see the video for it by clicking Gretchen who stands on the stage.  I would also like to apologize to Fox for deleting Virginia Alone the day before she was to do a guided presentation of the build for Concordia University.  Whoops sorry.  Anyone who plans things like that please let me know in writing combined with an occasional reminder so that doesn't happen again.  Fox is a smart girl and will incorporate the notion of virtual art being so transient into her presentation so I am sure it will be fine, but gah who needs that stress.

I have just uploaded the new Firestorm viewer and the phototools look great.   It is now a pleasure to take photographs.  Hmm what other news do I have? ..  Oh Skye Galaxy messaged me yesterday and said that he will only be in SL to perform on occasion and wants to do a circuit of sims he loved from when he first came to sl.  So he will be doing a show on Immersiva in the next month.  I will announce the details in my in-world group with the unexpected name of Immersiva.    Hmm what else.  I have discovered a beautiful old recording done by ColeMarie Soleil where she made a poem of mine into a harmony.  I have just completed that machinima and will upload it soon.  She is an incredible talent.  My friend Travis who did the music for the Pandora video I made a few months ago, has taken on the task of doing the score for Standby.  Standby is the 40 minute movie which combines my trilogy of works starting with The Daughter of Gears, The Rabbicorn and then Standby into one film.  I will hopefully have that done in a month as well.  Think that is all the news for now which means I am back to writing Christmas cards so that they don't all arrive the week after Christmas like they did last year.  I absolutely hate writing Christmas cards.  Humbug.


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