Breaking machinima

Often when I would be creating work on Immersiva my friend ColeMarie Soleil would sit and practice composing songs and singing.  She is a very talented girl and it was a pleasure to listen to her as she sang and played though the simple microphone of her computer.  It was quite beautiful and inspiring.  On one such occasion Cole worked on creating a melody for a poem of mine called Rusted Gears.  One day she surprised me with this completed song and so now I have placed it within a machinima that was filmed for my portion of the Cube Project.  I was touched and am happy to say that Cole has now followed her dream of performing live in Paris and is doing quite well.


Cole Marie said…
You will always be my favorite human Bryn Oh... <3
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you Cole and you are my favorite faerie. And you are right Deoridhe Cole is quite the talent.
Natsuki Morigi said…
Wonderful, and congratulations to ColeMarie too.

Each on your own and even more so together
you make Second life and our real lives so much richer.

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