Virginia Alone closing December 1st.

I am working on a new build called Imogen and the Pigeons which requires me to delete Virginia Alone as I have just about run out of prims. I am going to leave it up until December 1st. Time flies and I still have a few more projects I would like to accomplish on Immersiva. I had intended to speak about the final three machinima for Virginia Alone but have chosen instead to put them all here in this post. I would like to thank everyone who sent kind messages to Virgina through me. When I went to visit her she was really touched that people from around the world, whom she didn't know, would send her good wishes. The first one is compelling as it gives her side of leaving her husband and then losing her daughter. Virginia Christmas - This was from a cassette tape I found that led up to Christmas Day. On it she records a variety of things including some recordings of her favorite Christmas songs. It always makes me feel a bit melancholy listening to this one as I can imagine her alone in that dark cold house while around the country everyone is warm, happy and celebrating with family. This final one speaks of the day the house disappeared and her insights into that day.


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