SLACTIONS 2012 machinima festival

Starting tomorrow will be a large machimima festival held both in a first life venue and within our virtual world. If you would like to attend in world then the location can be found here.. 
It will also be streamed live via livestream servers direct from Tagus Park - Lisbon Portugal. (by AviewTV)
 Festival website

The schedule of events can be found here program

Really wish they had put down the artists names beside the title of their machinima though.  Helps the artists get exposure as well as lets you come in specifically if there is a certain artist whose work you wish to see but can't stay for the whole day.  In todays age of Googling an artist needs an online link presence, so anyone from professors to researchers attempting to get information on a particular artist will not be led to this event.   Small complaint though, it is merely an oversight of the extremely busy.  These types of events are such a challenge to put on and all involved deserve a great deal of recognition for their hard work.  Some of those involved are Leonel Morgado, Ana Boa-Ventura, Spyvspy aeon, Bevan Whitfield, Pooky Amsterdam, Nelson Zagalo and Mal Burns.

My machimima 26 tines will be starting off the festival so if you will be unable to attend and would like to see it then here is it below.


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