Lets try this again.   After a hiccup Standby is again open on Immersiva.  For those of you unfamiliar with the narrative Standby is the third and final part to the Rabbicorn story.  The title itself refers to the state your computer goes into when left alone for too long.  The hibernation and waiting.

   The first room contains some sketches I have made over the years as I planned out characters and poems.  So for example the poem shown here was never used for the story but it shows the process I went through.
 The ones below show the daughter from the first sketch as a girl skipping to her transformation into a machine with a girls soul.  I go back to the skipping idea but now her legs are too long and ungainly.  She is still the little girl but now learning a new body and beginning to recognize the new world around her.

The build will be up perhaps a month or two depending on how quickly I get the filming done.  If you do not know the previous two parts to the story then it would be a good idea to watch the movies that I have placed in the room (just click the ball on the pedastal to be taken to youtube) or watch them here in this blogpost.  I will place them down at the bottom.

    If you were a fan of Annas Many Murders or were unable to see it before then good news it is coming back.  I am just in the process of setting it up again but won't likely be ready for another three weeks or so.


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