LEA Full Region Endowment - second round

Second round applications to the LEA Full Region Endowment.

Linden Lab have generously donated 20 regions for art in Second Life, and the first set of endowments are coming to a close.  If you have a big idea you have always wanted to try whether as an artist, curator, musician, performance, scripter or really anything just fill out an application.  And don't be scared off by the word "art" as most of the committee have not closed their minds on what constitutes art in this new medium.  Think about what makes this medium unique over others such as painting, sculpture or film.  Want to experiment with Kinect?  build a roller coaster through the veins of the human body?  Augmented reality or a show in a first life gallery?  Pitch your ideas I am open to anything.

Click on through for info and deadlines: LEA Full Region Endowment Application, Spring 2012

 Ah the sweet irony.  This lady contemplates the effect on her unborn child of local jackhammers...
while smoking a cigarette.


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