BOX machinima

This is a machinima I created for my build BOX at MetaLES.  Slurl  .  The build is based around creating a non representational environment for the avatar to interact with as they explore an artwork.  One of the unique traits of using a virtual world as a medium is that the viewer can be part of the artwork rather than a passive observer as is the case in a traditional gallery setting.  It becomes an artwork when people are interacting with it.  That is, in a way, the artwork itself.  It's composition is the silence of an empty sim combined with periods where avatars explore it.  The random nature of the interaction of the avatars within the build is mirrored by the music.  The music used for BOX is made up of four short samples done by Tama Ahn.  One is a drum loop, one Xylophone, the other a harp and finally a harmonica.  I put each short loop into a random timed player which allowed for self composition of the music.  The song constantly changes and its really quite fascinating to listen to, the samples seem to always blend together seamlessly.  The first half of the machinima is taken directly from the build itself and shows how it randomly seems to work together.  The final half I composed myself because... well no particular reason I just wanted to try composing it.  The machinima can be shown in HD if you like.  If you wish to explore the build as seen in the machinima below then use my sky preset called Bryn Oh's Bluniverse.  If you use Phoenix or Firestorm its in their drop down windlight list.  The build itself has a different sky than this one I used, you can find it in the bee at the start where you arrive.

I am sorry but I forget the names of the people shown in the video other than Merlino Mayo and Xaan Allen who were the little robot girl and the lady with 3D glasses on.  The build is up until July 7th then will make space for a new artist to show there.  The builds last a month but due to absentmindedness I forgot to let anyone know this was up.  Might put it up somewhere else another time though.


Bay Sweetwater said…
Bryn, this is brilliant, and as usual it slows me down and makes me just enjoy breathing. This seems to resemble your build from SLB7, or maybe it's the same build. I will definitely be visiting it inworld and trying the windlights you suggest. Thanks so much for giving us this kind of stuff!
Anonymous said…
Really cool idea^^^^^^
You are so SINGULARITY^^^^

I learn a new word... if am correctly informed it means you totally are mixing virtual and rl in such a cool way..and for you.. it is so MANY ways^^^^
Love this^^^^
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Bay, yes the rising and falling steps are similar to my SL7B build as I used them in that as well. I love using them and even want to get more elaborate if I can when I get some time. And thank you Liza for equating me with singularity is a fine compliment. Kind of means unique or different. Just a short distance from weird.

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