Sunday, July 17, 2011

Avatar Games

 First I would like to say that Relay for Life just finished today and they have achieved what is likely a virtual world record for raising $370 000 us dollars for Cancer research this weekend.  A very inspiring accomplishment so congratulations to the organizers who have set a gold standard for organization and implementation.

I filmed the Games the other day and put it to this rocking song by the Noisettes.    The event is becoming quite popular so if you would like to sign up do so below...

Sign up here!

And if you want to be part of the audience I would suggest coming 15 min early, as the sim fills up quite fast now.

Every so often I will post a machinima of the games because they are pretty fun to film.  If you also film one then let me know and I will post it too.

If you are unfamiliar with the games this is how it works.  Each Monday at 4pm sl time we have 4 or 5 contestants run the course.  They have already signed up at the link above (and been contacted by Galea Steinbeck or Taralyn Gravois).  They relax in an elevator listening to elevator Muzak (as you can see at the beginning of the machinima).  One at a time they are brought down to the course and individually run it, trying to get as fast a time as they possibly can (at the end of the season the people with the top times will compete for some type of prize).  The audience all have "The Grand Walloper" which is a gun that slows down the contestants as they run the course.  The audience gleefully shoot at the runners while Crap Mariner and Honour McMillan do the colour commentary.  If you listen closely you can hear the clink of ice as Crap drinks what I believe to be a bucket full of Vodka mixed with Canadian Club Whiskey.  That might just be my imagination though.
     After the contestants have run the course once, they get a second try then when that is all done they do a "group run" which you can see in the machinima as well.  They all run and jostle each other while we shoot them.  It's very therapeutic for the audience and as a bonus the top "shooters" are shown on a scoreboard for bragging rights.  I am still trying to have a Linden day which I predict would be very popular for the audience.

And here are the current fastest avatars. 

Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 71, hugues Haiku
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 82, Myndi Meredith
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 96, quentinrez Resident
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 100, Opensource Obscure
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 111, Urban Steampunk
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 113, Jeni Beresford
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 116, GAbriele Cyberstar
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 116, Clovis Luik
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 116, Aleeah Resident
Seasons fastest avatars: Seconds: 117, Zev Titanium

The runners do enjoy a massive level of SLebrity if they finish in the top ten.  Ok well i have not actually heard anyone congratulate them yet, nor seen them on SLorts Illustrated but I am sure their IM's are full of fans asking for an autograph on a notecard.  I am pretty sure I saw Honour throw some prim panties to Opensource Obscure, but again that might have also been my imagination.

A fun one by Paulina60 Loon
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