Filming for Avatar Games

I will be filming contestants for the LEA Avatar Games as well as the audience this Monday at 4pm second life time.  There have been some really hilarious events so far with both Crap Mariner and Honour McMillan doing wonderful commentary by voice.  Some of the costumes have been ridiculous so I really do have to start filming them. This is the landmark to the event.

If you would like to run the obstacle course then sign up here... SIGN UP or contact Galea Yates or Taralyn Gravois in world.

These are some of the current fastest runners for the season so far.  Also if you get some good photos let me know and I will post them as I will update the standings every three weeks or so.

Below and to the side are some great pics by Anita Witt.

1:22, Myndi Meredith
1:36, quentinrez Resident
1:54, Jeni Beresford
1:57, Zev Titanium
2:02, Nita Charron

2:05, Eupalinos Ugajin
2:09, Lanie Windlow
2:13, hugues Haiku
2:18, Ada Artis
2:40, Tim Deschanel
2:42, Kara Trapdoor
2:46, Taralyn Gravois
2:56, RAG Randt
3:04, Uan Ceriaptrix
3:05, Samadhi Quandry
3:14, andra Lyvette
3:28, annamarie Dagostino
3:59, Melvin Starbrook
5:12, fabilene Cortes
5:33, Dekka Raymaker
5:40, Randy Firebrand


All these are great works of art! I especially like the falling green person. Thanks for sharing this!
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