Box and Geometry of Sound

Performance MetaLES - Bryn Oh from Ux Hax on Vimeo.

Ux Hax is a very talented individual who I spoke to about a month ago in order to set up an inaugural exhibit for her new performance space called MetaLES.  The location is for promoting culture and art in the Metaverse. Performances are always accompanied by special music for the event.  Each month there will be a new person exhibiting and it will likely be quite varied from builds to music to performance. 

This below is the slurl to what I created which pretty much was just me playing with ideas.  The avatar interacting with the build.  It involves some navigating and chaos to begin then ends with a calm environment to spend a bit of time in.  It is almost an assemblage of parts to create a non traditional environment for the avatar.  Inside the bee is sky setting to go with it which you can see in Ux's machinima (love the music in it btw).  Ux if you read this post then look up the Space navigator 3D mouse you will love it.

On the same sim (actually right behind where you arrive) is a tp to an amazing music build done by maria Grot and Ux Hax called Geometry of Sound.  It is a build where you can pretty much compose music while standing there.  Clicking on things will begin loops which you can compose to.  Definitely go have a look at this creation.  Keep an eye on MetaLES I think it may turn out to be a great new performance space.  I also have a soft spot for Ux because she ran the Avatar Games the other night and was awesome.  I will post the video of the last running of the games in a few days when I get it sorted out.

In addition to these two builds was a live DJ performance by Estel Auer.   She composed a set to work with the build and did an admirable job.   You can hear how she interpreted it here...


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