Catching up on a few things..

The BOSL Awards 2011 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

I did a post about the Best of Second Life awards a few weeks back and never actually said who won the awards so here they are.  The BOSL awards are unique in that they bring together a bunch of subgroups who never really interact with each other.  There are many different worlds within second life that often thrive without even the knowledge of other groups.  For example I know the artists and somewhat the architects of second life yet I know virtually nothing about models or home furnishings.  The event was a lighthearted affair hosted by Editorial Clarity and Persia Bravin who both did a wonderful job.
     The event is quite long 1:30 min, so I have put the times down for each category.  Now if you are searching for say some nice animations, then just pop over to 29:10 and you will see the nominees and winner there.  I am so very helpful.
Best shoe design 13:05
best SL architect 14:50
best jewellery design 19:10
best skin designer 21:45
best home furnishings 23:40
best poses 26:13
best animations 29:10
best hair designer 31:42
best photographer 33:50
best original artist 36:12
best original project 40:05
best live entertainer 44:48
best new model 48:45
best male top model 50:53
best female top model 54:35
best overall sim 56:28
best fashion accessories 1:06:28
best new fashion designer 1:09:02
best male fashion designer 1:10:44
best female fashion designer 1:12:40
lifetime achievement award 1:15:35
avatar of the year award 1:24:30

And the next thing to catch up on is the opening of the LEA Art Sandbox.  Chantal Harvey did a great machinima of the opening fun.  The LEA sandbox is being run by Sasun Steinbeck, Solo Mornington and the wonderful PatriciaAnne Daviau.  Both Solo and Patti have extensive sandbox experience with Solo being moderator of Artnation sandbox and Patti running IBM Sandbox for years.

Here is the SLURL


Anonymous said…
artists are such queer folk :D
Bryn Oh said…
hehe that comment applies to virtually everything in this post.
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