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There have always been two fun things I have wanted to build in Second Life.  One is a maze that rezzes differently each time you play.  You run this maze looking for the exit while a massive monster of some sort randomly goes rather quickly through the maze.  Every so often is a little avatar sized hole that you can slip through to another corridor if the monster is behind you.  It is faster than you so if you don't get to the avatar hole in time then it eats you.  I think that would be fun.  The other thing I wanted to make was the Avatar Games.

SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA3/237/125/30

     The Avatar Games will have its first competition on Monday June 6th at 4pm SL time.  This is the way it works.  There will be 10 contestants who run each Monday.  They start at the bottom of a hill and essentially have to run to the top with the fastest time they can get.  At the end of the season (which may be around 6 months depending on whether people like this or not) there will be the finals with the top ten runners competing against each other.  Oh and there is an audience who shoot at you as you run the course.  Crap Mariner and Honour McMillan will be the colour commentary for the show similar to the two grumpy old men in the Muppet Show.

There is a second life wiki made for the games which you can see here...  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:LEA_Avatar_Art_Games

And if you wish to run the course while being shot at by an audience of computer eccentrics then sign up here... https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEIwMjNzb2IxSHB1M2lKNG1RY3BmMGc6MQ&ndplr=1

What I would love to see though is for competitors to create some kind of interesting persona for their character, as we might also try to film the episodes and interview the winners in a silly manner.  I really don't know how this will turn out and its quite possible that it will just be me shooting Crap Mariner as he runs the course while Honour commentates (possibly while shooting Crap as well).  There are not many rules to the game.  Don't cheat.  Everyone should just press Ctrl and R to run and that's it.  Off you go.  No shields or flying or teleporting or enhanced running if that exists.  We will know if you cheat and Crap will mock you mercilessly for doing so.  Also I have supplied a gun for the games.  It shoots a physical bullet that kind of knocks the runner off course a bit (it has a trampoline script in the bullet).  You have to use this gun to make it fair.  Don't use some gun that shoots nuclear missiles.  Mostly I just don't want people coming to me saying "nobody else was shot by nuclear missile gun, so I demand to run again etc".  Its just a fun community event type thing which should not be taken very seriously at all.  In fact I will tell you now that the winner will likely receive something completely useless at the end of the season.  Unless of course we get sponsors or something then it could be quite good stuff.  But if we don't and its just up to me at the end then you can be assured it will be a terrible prize.  So what else.  ColeMarie Soleil will be arranging with competitors when they are to run and letting them know all the details.  Taralyn Gravois might be introducing the competitors each time with a short bio a la Jeopardy.

Right now the games run well.  We have two sims.  One is just for the person running the course and for the Platform Bastard who shoots at them.  It will also fill up with the physical bullets.  So far the lag is minimal so that's good.  The other sim is just for the audience and I will cap that at 30-40 avatars.  It's going to be somewhat laggy on that side but should still be ok.  Its possible I will have to go down to 20 avatars per event.  These are all things I will discover over time.  A great deal of credit goes to Sasun Steinbeck who has created some very useful scripts for this event.  There is a leaderboard which keeps track of the running times rather than use Crap and his wrist watch.  She helped me create my first SL gun which I have named "The Grand Walloper" and she worked out the timing feature too.  So go sign up and let us shoot you.


R. said…
Um... if you turn it into "Everybody shoot the hell out of that damned robot" Games, you're gonna pack the sim.

Heck, I might just bring in an alt with a Thompson gun, too...

Bryn Oh said…
:) well you know I was just thinking today that I will standing on the Platform Bastard each time someone runs the course and there is a good chance everyone will be shooting me rather than the contestant. So I might need a "shoot the robot" diversion here and there.
Bay Sweetwater said…
"Its just a fun community event type thing which should not be taken very seriously at all." Oh, but it will. You know it will. I hear Anderson Cooper is coming with a CNN crew.
House Ragu said…
^_^ I support said endeavor.
Anonymous said…
damn. tour a script last week in my av, i'm out of my lag meds, my ctrl buttons are a little creaky, and worst of all my "work" computer with sl was re-imaged (bastards), was told not to reload it, and my home computer is sh**

Honour McMillan said…
So the prize for those who complete the course is that they get to shoot Crap?

Now that's how you incent competitors!
Juko said…
non-US friendly times too?

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