9 - Mummersion - by Grace McDunnough and others

On occasion I go to live music events in Second Life.  I used to hear Colemarie Soleil play and recently listened to the voice of Skye Galaxy.  A few months ago I was stunned by the skill of  violinist Izabela Joworower, and I think we all have heard about U2 playing in Second Life a few years back.  One problem that I always have when I go to see SL music live is  that I find it hard to sit still.  I need something to do beyond listening to the music.  Unfortunately most venues for music try to mimic real life by placing speakers and such around the stage in an attempt to seem "real".  I am able to scan these builds for perhaps 30 seconds before I lose interest.  Then I move on to profile snooping, playing with my cat Loki in rl, cleaning up my desk etc etc.  
     When I went to see Mummersion by Grace McDunnough, I was impressed with how they had fixed this problem which is perhaps unique only to me, but I don't think so.  Each song has a set to explore.  When the song ends the seats are transported to a new location and all those who are sitting on those seats go along to the new set.  So during each song you are able to cam around and explore the build and once your attention begins to wane its time for a new set and you begin the cam exploration again.  So you are not only getting the beautiful voice and music of Grace but also a landscape to explore.  I picked this one as my number nine because they have recognized the unique possibilities of performing in second life and used them to their advantage.  Its a next step, a progression which this virtual world allows and was only waiting for someone with vision to take advantage of.

     The sets have been created by a multitude of SL talent and they vary in skill, but overall are quite good.  I have shown Grace performing one song in the set and kept filming until the transition to a new set.  My machinima could have been better but you will get the idea.

Below I am adding a machinima I made for a song Colemarie Soleil did.  I wrote a poem called Rusted Gears and one day Cole just plopped this song down on me.  She took the poem I wrote and put it to music.  I was genuinely touched by this and I absolutely adore what she did with it.  Its just one example of the many musical talents in Second Life.


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