Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#7 "Fuzion" by four Yip and Mescaline Tammas


As I struggled through the invisible molasses clogging up Burning Life, I pushed into a dark set of rooms created by the wonderful four Yip and Mescaline Tammas.  It was a little oasis of chocolate tears.  I turned on the media while looking at a tree and two eyes appeared on both sides creating the impression of a face.   The eyes blinked and my new favorite song began to play.  There were a number of reasons why this one worked well for me.  One was the oasis feel in entering this little universe from within the hectic atmosphere of Burning Life.  Great works can be destroyed or enhanced by the environment they are placed in.  Brooklyn is Watching sim was an example of a difficult place to set up artwork due to their neon green colouring.  If your creation relies on subtle red or greens then its borked as you place it.  Fusion avoided this by creating the contrasting mood and then internalizing it for the viewer.  The music was perfectly chosen and this may relate only to me, but that song has since become one of my favorites.  The song was not added by me but was part of the music contained within the machinima.  The walls had media textures on them to show a very graceful movie of slowly blinking eyes.   The colour palette is warm and comforting while the build inside of butterflies and trees with dripping chocolate tears is a pleasure to look at as well.  Its a time consuming complex build that is made to appear simple.  four has always been one of my favorite builders in Second Life for her ability to create endearing works that have never looked forced.  She creates effortlessly where other artists set out to create masterworks and fail.  Mescaline Tammas is well known for his wonderful machinima.  He did a great one of Blotto Epsilon/ Cutea Benelli's work from last years top ten Bogon Flux and here is one I just found of "Fushion"  Two great talents.
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