One day Colemarie Soleil sent me a wonderful present.  She created a song for my poem called Irrevocably.  I am not musically inclined, despite my best attempts, and so to hear my poem put to music was both flattering and mystifying.   The sculpture which contains this poem was the initial idea for the Daughter of Gears story.  From this poem and scene grew a deeper understanding for each character, and with each new build I attempt to fill in the web which connects all the characters that I create.  For example, the most recent build at Burning Life called Vessel's Dream takes place before the Rabbicorn story in the timeline.  While The Daughter of Gears takes place 100 years before the Rabbicorn flees to the tower.  The story follows a theme similar to many of my narratives.  Two robots hiding from those who would salvage parts from them.  They are discarded and not seen as something human.  But even in their fear as they hide one will sing to the other in an attempt to forget what is out there hunting them.  The ingenuity of man gave them the ability to love but no form of status in society.  They hide from the salvage bots and one records the other into her memory so that should she be caught her last vision will be of her companion.

Sing me a song
sing it under your breath
if the salvage bots hear it
then it will mean our death

My love is a program
installed onto me
I gave it to you

If the robots do find us
then run quick from me
I will record your face
so it's the last thing I see


Cole Marie said…
I cannot help it.
and of course
I love you ^_-
Phillip Vought said…
One of the first pieces I bought from your secret store.. Still one of my favourites.. and Cole Marie has only made it more alive..

thankyou both of you
Semaj said…
Following these fused virtual-sonic artistic endeavors is like an interactive musical pop-up book that never a fails to deliver the WOW! The last under wavy-water emergence of the goddess Bryn piece of the film was particularity cool.
Anonymous said…
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