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About a month ago, in a fit of insanity, I offered to build a sim for what seems to now be a questionable University. I don't want to get too deep into this, but after completing the sim in two weeks for a landowner whom I have come to suspect is mentally unstable, I was banned from the sim. Naturally I demanded my work returned and when he refused I contacted the Lindens to see if this was not in fact theft. The Lindens I spoke to surprised me by not wanting to get involved and as a result I solved the problem by giving friends mod rights to my work and having them go into the sim to delete my creations commando style. The artists who he later contacted to make the sim for him have also since fallen out and left. I imagine in the future there will be virtual world psychology experts who can explain this odd behaviour. Perhaps its a form of bullying or a mistaken sense of power. Anyway, this is a portion of the sim which I happened to film on the day it was deleted. It had a very short life and below is what the sim looked like before hand. Personally I believe a University should showcase the potential of virtual worlds rather than mimic their real life campus. I think the version I created would have captured the imagination of many more people than what we see below. Seriously, we don't need offices with desks in virtual worlds. Nobody will sit at them. And students who see a representation of their own school will merely say "Hey that is kind of cool, its a bit like my school." There is, in my opinion, no lasting value to recreating a first life location beyond the technical feat. There is no jarring of the mind nor any engagement of ones imagination. Perhaps there are some exceptions but I can't really think of any right now. Go have a look at Selavy Oh's work at IBM 3, it's a virtual space that is interesting to be in.


Anonymous said…
i hate stairs, walls, ceilings, bookcases, lamps, tv's, pretty barbies and kens (not the people behind them of course, dubious universities that swindle artist.
i love commando artist on a righteous rampage, hidden worlds, translucent birds, piles of grocery carts (can't explain why exactly), and the be good tanyas (the 1st band you've used I know)

biisuto said…
excellent! greatly approve of righteous commando raids - and love those shopping trolleys! power to the people, rock-on, oy!! :-)

Cole Marie said…
Since Bryn is far too respectable and kind and sweet to be nasty towards people (which is why I adore her so...) can I say it for her?
The sim owners were power tripping egowhores with the rationale of a 5th grader going "Nu uh. Nu uh."
Since I am me... and obviously don't give a fuck what anyone thinks of me or my feisty attitude... in fact my too honest nature is what I've grown to respect myself for the most... I will just say. Yes. That particular individual was a cunt. Now before you get all up in arms I'm not even talking about a woman. So don't get all femmenazi on me :D

Bryn you deserve better and I told you before... ;p Don't let people walk on you. You're better than that <3

Colie loves you <3

/end rant
sororNishi said…
funny how a power complex is a substitute for a personality in some.
I guess megalomania is fuelled by new worlds to conquer.
Well, he certainly lost out this time....makes you appreciate the good guys tho....
Anonymous said…
In the end we all will agree about censorship, freedom of speech, dictatorial landowners, useless buildings like offices and kitchens in sl and the need for artists to be free.
Welcome back in the OH family.
Kiss from your sis.
Phillip Vought said…
I believe that a person's strongest asset is often their weakness as well.. This is certainly true of Second Life, the empowerment of amateurs is its strongest asset, but when those amateurs fail, it can be Second Life's greatest weakness..

Bryn, a terrible shame you came across one of humanities poorer examples, and if it helps, I have a rationalization I use when dealing with people such as this..

Rather than think that they are vindictive and mean, i find more peace if I choose to believe they are idiots.. For some reason it just seems to make everything seem better ;)

Anyway.. you made lemonade from lemons.. :)
Lilyana said…
So glad you made the machinima Bryn. Its one of my favourites :)

General masses fear those whose imagination has no limitations - And yours is FREE!

Maybe that fear stems from the inability to be unique, maybe simply from jealousy, or some other concoction of frailties(?) Either way, in their close-minded foolishness they've given you the biggest compliment :)
Unknown said…
The sim ownersDiablo 3 Gold were power tripping egowhores with the rationale of a 5th Guild Wars 2 Goldgrader going "Nu uh. Nu uh."

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