Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Untrust Us

I was playing about with sky settings and added some text as a water texture for this machinima. This is a band called Crystal Castles whom I adore. They use an old apple chip in a keyboard for retro video game sound effects in their tunes.

Discovered something interesting to do with sky settings with the help of IBMs Jessica Qin. If you and those coming to your sim use a viewer called "restrained life" then sky settings can be set on your computer if you touch something containing the settings. It worked in tests where all one had to do was click on a ball I had that contained the settings and instantaneously they were implemented. So if it works in a viewer it should not be too difficult to incorporate into second life with similar coding. Here is the jira again.

About 30 people have voted since I posted it the other day, so if you are a blogger or have friends who owe you a favour then please post about the jira or make your friends vote for it after giving them a stern talking to. Just say something like "hey dude remember when I bought you those prim underpants at that store that one time? well now its time you paid me back...." I guess you should customize it to something that actually happened but you understand what I mean.
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