Immersiva - Tuesday, September 15th, on Live n Kick'n

Thank you Pascale Illyar for letting me know about my buggering up the dates. I had said the event was on Tuesday September 17th..

Anyway the event is TODAY! so come if you like.

On tuesday September 15th a show called Live n Kick'n will be filmed at Immersiva with the intention of showcasing both the great Singer Winston Ackland and Immersiva the sim I built which Dusan Writer sponsors. Brekka Nightfire wrote a very nice intro to the event which I have shamelessly copied and pasted below. Are you allowed to copy and paste things from other blogs? I don't know but I think you can.

Tuesday, September 15th, on Live n Kick'n

Come join us for another wonderful installment of Live n Kick'n. Brought to you this week from the Bryn Oh Immersiva sim! <--- Here at 9pm SLT! Singer Musician Winston Ackland appeared on “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” February 09, to tell us about how he got to submit one of his songs for the blockbuster Holiday film “Marley and Me” starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Winston describes his sound and influence as...old blues guys, moptops, depressed 70s minstrels, glam crooners, and good ventilation noise. So basically make your own comparisons. His songs have humor, pathos and irony and often just good times associated with them. He has sold real Life Albums under his real life alt, with a great deal of success but loves second life for the fantasy and ability to play his music from his home studio. Any audience member at a Winston Ackland show is bound to laugh, sing and dance and basically have a damn good time!

Winston has agreed to perform on our next episode of Live n Kickin, on the 15th September at 9pmslt. He will be performing at the Bryn Oh Sim, Immersiva, a stunning full Sim Art installation in Second Life, imagine a cross between James and the Giant Peach, and Steam Punk and you might have some idea of Bryn Oh’s installation but even then you have only scratched its surface.

Bryn Oh is a sort of second life "Ghost artist" for a Toronto Oil painter. She held her recent installation at IBM called the Rabbicorn, her sculpture is a combination of mystery, story telling, poetry with steam punk influences. If you don’t spend time with her work you will miss many of her hidden mysteries, the poetry tells the story.

In this extraordinary environment of Immersiva we are encouraging audience members to embrace the steam punk theme to compliment the venue.

This will be a show not to miss either online at or in person as part of the Music Video!

Come along this Tuesday 22nd a bit before 9pm


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