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Brittle bryn bronze sculpture

   So the bronze is complete and I am so very happy with how it turned out.   I am afraid they are all sold already except for one which I will put in gallery shows, but here is the 12 inch bronze in pictures.  This first one is in my very messy studio where they stayed just a short time as my two cats were very interested in them and determined to wrestle beside them when possible.   They have all been flown across the world to the various collectors now.   If you are interested in upcoming projects like this or want to know things that are happening please consider joining my Patreon group which helps to finance various things including this bronze project.   Here is my patreon link if you are interested.         My Canada Council for the Arts grant is progressing nicely, well after losing four months progress in Unreal Engine after I moved a folder from one hard drive to another.   But a very generous person came to my aid and helped me recover it.

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