The Brittle Epoch

   After several months and many two weeks the Brittle Epoch will be opening on November 1st 2021.   The Brittle epoch is a narrative based build and is the second part to the Hand trilogy.   My work is a long continuous narrative that began over a decade ago and as it starts reaching its conclusion there are some stories that need to be revisited in order to understand the Brittle Epoch.  I am listing the machinima movies you should be aware of before exploring the Brittle Epoch to make the experience more enjoyable.   Many of you already know these previous stories but to those who don't I am afraid it may feel like  homework... but you will enjoy it more!

"Hand" can be either explored in world by following the story or can be seen as a machinima

Hand Machinima

Standby is no longer in world as a story but can be seen as a machinima.

The Singularity of Kumiko can be seen in world as well as by machinima

Singularity of Kumiko machinima

Optional shorts


Lady Carmagnolle

And if you are really a keener then here is an art talk I did on creating immersive virtual art as a new medium for York University.

And finally here is a image timeline if you are curious where all the stories and character fit in over the 130 year story arc.


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