Aural sound exhibit and Parallel worlds rl exhibit.

     First I have to apologize for not posting as often as I should.  I have increasingly found social media stuff like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and this blog to be a bit overwhelming sometimes.  It feels like I have to update all these things so regularly that I don't get any actual creating done.  I will try to post more!

So news.   I opened an exhibit called "Aural" as a collaboration with Morlita Quan a sound artist for Feint and Bone art sim.  Essentially Morlita created a layered sound which was broken down into parts that added up to that final sound.  I was then given these sounds and would contemplate how they made me feel in order to express them.  The idea being to create a space where the sound element was not overpowered by the visual one.  I wanted to create it so that the sounds of Morlita were more the focal point that the visual aspect that I created and hopefully it worked.  Below you can see the machinima and decide for yourself if I did justice to the wonderful sounds of Morlita.




     This machinima for Aural is also now part of a group exhibit called Parallel Worlds being shown in Portugal.  Opening on the 24th, at 4 pm, at Casa Municipal da Cultura de Estarreja, Portugal.  As part of the 2021 Avanca International Film Festival.  Aural is open in the virtual space of Second Life until August 1st.  It is a group exhibit showing some of the talented artists who work in virtual spaces.

Bryn Oh
CapCat Ragu
Elif Ayiter
Eupalinos Ugajin
Iono Allen
Livio Korobase
Meilo Minotaur
Morlita Quan
Silvestre Pestana
Theda Tammas
Tizzy Canucci AKA Tess Baxter
Tutsy Navarathna AKA Basile Vignes
Venus Adored

Psst what is machinima?
     It is the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production. Most often, video games are used to generate the computer animation.   So for example in the machinima I make for my youtube channel I will create all the models in Zbrush, write the story and compose the environment then film the desktop, later editing the recordings in software.   While it does not allow for the same freedom of the virtual space which I create,  it does compliment it and allow for an ephemeral space to be remembered.


Carlos said…
Sick work you guys have created with the visuals and audio.

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