Good news update

York University student exploring Hand in VR
 Hello everyone I have some good news!  "Pfft good news during 2020? what do you take us for Bryn? we

are not so gullible!"
   Hey its 2021! things are going to look up! Ok pretend conversation over and now lets get to the yay of it all.  I will preface though.   Over a year ago I spoke to Dr Carolyn Steele about a course that would be taught at York University and it would have a large part on the artwork of Bryn Oh.  One thing needed though was to have "Hand" the current exhibit on Immersiva, available for five years so the students could go see it in both second life and Sansar.  The problem, in hindsight, was that I didn't have a place to build new things anymore.  I built Mythical creatures and then later White Veil with Cica but they were smaller creations.   So the good news is I approached Linden  Lab with my dilemma to see if they had any ideas and they are giving me two Gateway regions.  A gateway region is a place that new users to second life go after registering.   

York University students exploring Hand in VR
So here is the plan.   "Hand" will move to one of the Gateway regions and as part of the agreement I will create a tutorial area for new users, I am thinking as they walk down the subway line to the start of the story,  and new users will have a first experience of exploring an immersive narrative.  The second region will have rotating exhibitions of both my older work and new things.  I am thinking to maybe put out Anna's many murders or Condos in Heaven, Singularity of Kumiko, Imogen and the pigeons and so on.  People are actually voting on what they want to see first through my group and if there is something you really liked or was not able to see just message me and I will add it  to the requests.  This now also frees up Immersiva so I can create new artwork there which is great because I have almost finished writing up the next chapter in my art narrative.    In other news I have begun shipping out the Bronze Dancer from Hand so all of you who have ordered are beginning to get emails from me with your tracking numbers.  If you are interested in the bronze there are a few left just go to this blog post and pick a number that is left and send me an email requesting it.

The Hand Dancer

The Hand Dancer in Sansar


You know you've gotta put up one of the builds in which you kill visitors!
Wonderful news!! I can't think of a better entry into Second Life than through one of your experiences.
Allie Tomsen said…
I almost envy the newcomers to Second Life who will experience your creations for the first time. Then again, I envy those who will appreciate your talent repeatedly. Thank you for a priceless inspiration.
Great NEWS! would love to see "Anna's many murders" jus saying:)
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks everyone I appreciate that and I am marking that vote down on my list Glitter! There have been a few voting to bring that one back

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