Currents new media festival


     I was invited to take part in the Currents new media festival in Santa Fe.

For this event they will showcase two machinima and a virtual space.   The machinima or movie is "Hand" which is currently being exhibited virtually on Immersiva

and in Sansar as a vr piece. Which was made possible through a grant from the Ontario Arts council.     Hand is also now part of a course from York University with an emphasis on the artwork of Bryn Oh.  The students will use a VR lab (currently being built) to explore Hand first using Second Life and then will again explore in Sansar.  

     The second machinima work is called "Imogen and the Pigeons" which was a virtual narrative about the story of Imogen and her desire to bring back her lost child.   A year later the prequel was made as a virtual reality experience called "The Singularity of Kumiko" which told the story of Imogens daughter Kumiko and what caused Imogen to go on her quest to find her.

     The final piece is called "Canis" and is being converted into unity by Reilly from Oculus so it can be seen using virtual reality during the event.   Canis is a  little narrative I created which shows a dog at a table writing notes of loyalty, love and adoration to his owner.   He looks over his shoulder and rages at the cat sneaking in for pets.  I gave the dog and cat the rather futuristic ability to be housed in humanoid forms to be better pets.  It is about love and jealousy about fear and the need to feel wanted.  The good and bad within.




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