"Hand" opening in Second Life

     I have completed porting over my artwork called "Hand" from Sansar and it will open Saturday February 22nd.  The design is different from Sansar and each have their own strengths.   Sansar has
virtual reality, so if you have an oculus try that, and Sansar also lets me have really nice lighting.  Second life lets me use scripts easier and allows for flying drones taking pics and various other things.  When you arrive be sure to accept the experience invite and if possible put your graphics to ultra.  For firestorm users the windlight should change automatically as well as with altitude.

     I would like to thank Kurk Mumfuzz for helping me with some annoying scripting issues as well as Avantguarde Frequency for taking a Vera Lynn song I use and editing in some nice effects.  Most of all I would like to thank the Ontario arts Council for their generous support in supplying me with a grant to support creation of this work.

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/17/114/24 

     Universities and Colleges please contact me by email for tours and students should have a month of experience in Second Life before setting up a talk.  Sansar tours should be done using virtual reality.


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