Giclee prints of my artwork

     So last year I put out bronze sculptures of my Rabbicorn and Daughter of gears ... after Christmas.  Yes terrible idea I know.  I kept hearing "Oh but I spent all of my christmas money already!"  It wasn't actually my fault they just took longer than expected to be ready but sigh.  Some people told me that at $700 us the bronzes were too expensive and could I have things at different price points.. well yes I can!.   So for the last little while I have been creating what are called Giclee prints on Hahnemuehle cotton Photo Rag paper.  They are museum quality prints and rated with a 200+ years of fade resistance.

     I plan to release a new print each week for a while so they can be created and shipped before Christmas should anyone wish one for a present.  Each one is 16 inches by 24 inches and will cost $160 USD + shipping.

The first print is called Seahorse carousel and is from my work called Tilt-a-whirl but also seen in a newish video called the girl with the paper crown.  Watch the video should you wish to see it in the poem build.

I had one framed to show what they look like but the artworks will not be, they will come in a rolled tube which you could bring to a framer if you liked or display as you wish.

If you are interested in ordering a Giclee print (pronounced Zee-Clay) or have any questions then please email me at


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