The Rabbicorn story part five and six

GPS gun

 In part five the Scientists are shocked to see the Rabbicorn and one sends out a tiny spider which clings to the Rabbicorn acting as a tracking bug.  The old boy lifts his cane and distracts them while telling the Rabbicorn to flee.  The Rabbicorn does and again is alone, the boy who she spent a lifetime with now gone, as well as everything she once knew.

Spider bot attaching to Rabbicorn

       "There she is!"
        exclaimed one
        "quick tag her with
        the G.P.S gun"

        With a flash of light
        followed by a pause
        out shot a tracking bug
        which told them where she was
        "She is an antique
        a priceless find
        the fabled Rabbicorn
        with both a heart and mind"

        Then the old boy
        pushed the scientists aside
        "Run my Rabbicorn
        find somewhere to hide
        and never come back
        or they will catch you
        and place you in
        a robot zoo"

The hunter sleeper guards

        When I imagined the world which all my characters live in, it is like ours but technologies and philosophies branched out in different directions.  One thing that I considered, from the perspective of the military, is how to create effective tools and machines that would perform their jobs in the best way.  What I decided on was a military that focused on using base emotions within their tools.  So for example, the Spiderbot tracking bug is not malicious but rather once it attaches to a host it is imprinted on them much like a duckling to its mother.  It follows and stays with the Rabbicorn because it loves her as a child loves its mother, not aware that it may lead them to her.  The Rabbicorn was the first to be programmed to love, but one  hundred years passed while she lived with the boy and now that program exists in many things, though never quite replicating the perfection of the Rabbicorn.  (because the Scientist who made the Rabbicorn hid the plans after). 

      In the next scene the Rabbicorn is shown running past some guards who attempt to catch her.  Again these guards are not what they seem.  On the outside they appear fearsome, but if the viewer clicks on the wings they will open and by camming inside we discover a boy child in one and a girl in another.  They are called Hunter Sleepers and, similar to the Spiderbot, they are designed to use their innocence as a weapon.  The children are orphans who are procured by the military, they are made comfortable in beds within the thorax of the beetlebot, where they sleep.  In their semi conscious state they are put in a dream world where, in this instance, they wish to hug and hold the Rabbicorn.  The Rabbicorn seems to beckon to them in their dreams and they will do their best to catch her.  Again they have discovered that love is actually more powerful than hate, so they take that love and warp it to their needs, manipulating the emotion rather than learning from it.   If it were another situation of say a riot, the Hunter Sleepers would perhaps be fed a dream where they are playing tag with a group of other laughing children.  They would rush about trying to tag them while smiling in their sleep not knowing they were chasing and impaling rioters with their metal needle legs.

     Humans were never meant to kill other humans in nature.  Much like the animal kingdom, disputes rarely resulted in death, often there was no physical violence rather mere posturing.   There are statistics taken over time which show that our earliest conflicts often had few casualties as most soldiers didn't actually want to kill another human being.   In the 1800's apparently soldier often would shoot over the heads of their enemies and it persisted until WW2 where it is said, that many soldiers didn't even fire their rifles.   Historically many armies liked to bang drums and chant, wear scary clothing or makeup in an attempt to scare off their enemies.. much like posturing in the animal kingdom.  The modern military saw this as quite a problem and took measures, such as changing bulls eye targets to human silhouettes, to training which focused on reactionary behaviour.. as well as psychologically embedding ideas that not firing your weapon at the enemy endangers your comrades etc.  Not to mention you can kill from much further distances which allow the enemy to remain faceless and abstract, not fathers and sons.  I imagine if you look at the rates of gun violence in the USA over the last 50 years you might find the increase to be connected to desensitization from violent movies or perhaps some video games which seem so realistic and reward oriented that they almost act as training tools, and hey I like video games but it seems reasonable.  However, in my stories the military did not spend time and money trying to retrain a stubborn instinct, but rather decided to trick a powerful non violent one into doing what they required.

        So the Rabbicorn ran
        as fast as she could
        past some guards
        and into the woods
        Into a world
        she had never seen
        into a world
        that had grown obscene
        with wars fought
        just for fun
        to try out
        the latest gun
        and Presidents picked
        from TV shows
        who planted hate
        then called it a rose

Hunter sleeper girl


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