The Rabbicorn story scene three and four

        "What are you?"
        the boy said to her
        the Rabbicorn thought
        then replied "I'm not sure"
       "Can I ride you
        like my bike?"

        "I think you could
        if that's what you'd like"

        So he grabbed her horn
        and climbed on her back
        pointed at his sister
        and yelled "ATTACK!"
        "Oh I don't fight"
        said the Rabbicorn
        "unless I must
        and to this I am sworn"

       "but we can jump up high
        above the trees
        so grasp my horn
        and clench your knees"

        From that day forth
        they did not part
        and he caused gears to whir
        within her heart

       They played for 90 years
        over hills and grass
        and to the Rabbicorn
        the time went so fast
        But the boy grew old
        as he was sure to do
        while the Rabbicorn
        still looked brand new
        Then one evening
        in the month of May
        the Rabbicorn searched
        for the boy to play
        She found him with
        men in lab coats
        one looking stern
        the other taking notes


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