I made a skybox and altspaceVR call for proposals and bronze sculpture.

     Have a few pieces of news,  I will be taking part in the Scenes and Screens Festival in AltspaceVR
and you should too if you want to showcase your work or are just passionate about VR and immersive spaces.  I will have machinima there as well as a talk on immersion in art with earlier mediums and their struggles to now with VR and virtual spaces. They are looking for things like installations, machinima, performances and papers.  Check out the link to see the list. 
     In other news I have made a skybox for marketplace.  I was thinking the other day how, over time, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bryn-Box-Npirl/14392708
I have seen second life slowly change to resemble "real" life on the grid.  Things go in cycles and currently we are in one that likes to mimic the real world.  For example, I was thinking how, about five years ago,  I had a group of five or so friends.  I was the weird white moth with wings and horns.  Another friend was a toaster that would occasionally shoot out toast when he got excited.  One was a Faerie and another person i know was a volkswagon Beetle and he or she, I never knew, would only
communicate with the car horn.  One beep was yes and two beeps was no.  People were weird and artworks were quite unexpected and strange.  When I go to things now I often find 95% are human and the artwork is displayed in a representation of a gallery as 2D on walls.  Currently people seem to strive to recreate reality.  Recreations of real world places or lovely forests etc.  I am not against these things, but I would love to see more NPIRL or things that are not possible in real life.  We don't need to follow the rules of real life in the virtual space.  So with this as inspiration I made a skybox.  The skybox is fairly minimal and what makes it unique is you
and your friends can walk up any surface.  Walk up walls or over the ceiling, you can set up however you wish.  So if you are interested here is the link. 

There is a notecard to read explaining how it works, some nice windlights to use as well as advanced lighting directions if you can use those.  All proceeds, as usual, go into paying tier.  This first one is 30x30 but it was suggested to me to make one that is 16x30 for smaller parcels so I am almost done a long and narrow one too.

And remember how I said I had big news a while ago?.. well I did but I was waiting for things to fall in place before announcing them.  Actually maybe I did mention the new bronze sculptures for the Santorini Biennial.  There are 20 being made as awards and I will have five to sell.  Anyway the final test has been done and the bronze was able to be cast properly so now they are being  made.  I will do a new post when I have some images to share.


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