Linden world - historical and Ready Player One

     I saw on New world notes today this video showing the early build for what we now call Second
Old map of SL
Life.  I am posting this because in a few hours I am off to see Ready Player One whose Oasis is a bit like Second Life.  Or it is in the book anyway, which I strongly suggest you read because the book is wonderful while the movie may not be.  I read one review where the journalist said they were pleased much of the nerdiness was removed in the main characters.  This was perhaps my greatest fear as I loved the idea of the protagonists being overweight, acne scarred, glasses wearing, socially inept heroes as they are in the book.  I have long suspected that I am a nerd, though my mom says I am not.  My mom would tell me if I was a nerd right?  Anyway, I have not seen the movie as I said, so hopefully it is fine.
     Below is the demo for Second Life and it kind of has some interesting things in it that they removed.  Terraforming using grenades? snakes that eat birds and grow?!!  I always kind of dreamed about making an ecosystem in SL but was so daunted by the scripting that I just kind of gave up on the idea.  Yet the played with the idea in the demo world.


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