I have created a new single scene poem on Immersiva called Tilt-a-Whirl.  It is pretty much a
nostalgic memory of being young at a fairground or Carnival.   If you have been following my shaky instagram video of the creatures I have been making for the Carousel.. well they are now here in world.   Some of the creatures such as the Seahorse and Horseshoe Crab had hollow areas which are now filled with whirling gears and they have poses too. 
Bullrush Dragon
This one to the left is a Bullrush Dragon.  I have never made a dragon before and was thinking what kind to make for the Carousel.  I couldn't really decide so instead I imagined my own dragon.  If you have ever seen a large stand of bullrushes also known as Cattails then imagine one of those Bullrushes to instead be the tail of a dragon used as a lure to bring the red winged blackbirds to land.  I always seem to see those kinds of blackbirds on them and they have the most beautiful bird call btw.  I can't wait to hear them this spring.  Anyway, as I was saying my long agile dragon would eat these lovely little
birds.  These are not the giant Disney dragons that burn down castles but bird catching reclusive creatures.

Horseshoe Crab
People say I am obsessed with rabbits.  Ok I am.   But I am also obsessed with Octopi.  Not Octo Pie which might be delicious but the actual octopus.  Did you know the octopus can change the pigment on its skin to camouflage itself against rocks and things?  Also its cloud of ink it sprays when trying to escape will dull the senses of things chasing it.. and then with its massive propulsion to dart away.. then turning invisible against some rocks or things.. well that's the coolest creature ever.  Also apparently they are smarter
Seahorse and Glasswing Butterfly
than dogs and quite playful.

I knew an old country Irishman named Nigel once when I was a kid, and he refused to believe that Seahorses existed.  He was convinced everyone was playing a joke on him.   "Horses with wings living under water?"   


hiding under the Tilt-a-Whirl
After I made this sad Unicorn on a ball I thought perhaps it might be nice as a bronze sculpture in rl.  I actually have big news for a very limited set of bronze sculptures to be used for awards at a biennial in Santorini that I am making.  There will be five available for sale.. but right now i am trying to fix the very thin legs so that they can be cast in bronze.  So when it is for sure I will do another post and whoever is interested is welcome to buy one of the five.  But yes so kind of deciding what bronze to do after that in several months and was thinking this unicorn or could perhaps make the Rabbicorn or something.  If you would be
interested in one send me a message in world so I know there would be interest.  Actually maybe better to email me brynohhh@gmail.com  If people pre order i will do it sooner.

So in this new work you can find the machinima if you click the characters of Flutter and Juniper who are hiding under the Tilt-a-Whirl.  That will link you to the youtube and it is the same with the other two poem scenes for 26 Tines and Lady Carmagnolle.  Click the main characters and it will link to the machinima poem for them.


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