"Floating" by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost on LEA 13

On Sunday at 12 noon SLT will open a collaboration project between Cica Ghost and myself called Floating.  Very crazy way this came together.  Ok so let me preface this post a bit.  So I usually create everything I can on my own because in the past people I have worked with have been a bit unreliable.  The worst was several years ago when I got Linden Lab to give me five regions to use for the Spanish pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai.  It was a pretty massive event and the curator, named Aino Baar, wanted five or so of her artists to build one region and I would build the other four.  Or was it three, i forget now.  Anyway, a week before it was to open I got a message from an artist saying "Have you seen what they are doing with the final region?"  I hadn't as I was pretty busy doing the other ones and when I popped over it was a dreadful mess.  They didn't work together and created a really messy ugly sim.  Each tried to outdo the other.  So I spoke to them and said they had to clean it up and gave suggestions.  The speaker for this other group said he didn't like my attitude, and if I didn't show more respect they would walk away from the project.  I don't take threats very well so I told them to pack up and I would do it myself.  This was a week before it opened!   If you are curious then I have added the final fifth sim I built below.

There have been other situations over the years but back to now.  I guess four months ago a person contacted me with some 2D images they had done.  I liked them and suggested they apply to LEA for a sim.  They were shy and said they didn't know how to build at all.  Now at this point my brain said to my mouth "Don't say anything! you don't have time to help!" my mouth completely ignored my brain and said "Don't you worry about building I will create something special to display your work".  My brain was just pissed off and shocked with my mouth.  So long story short this person applied and got a LEA sim.  I began to build for them and three months later they disappeared.  The persons friend would be updated on their hiking trips and things like that but they were not creating the 2D work for the show.  I gave them a deadline, deadline passed, then I withdrew.  I told Patti from the LEA committee and she said that it was three months in to a six month grant and there likely was no time to give it to someone else.. so why not make something.  I messaged Cica and so here we are.  We made something together in a week.   I would like to thank Desdemona Enfield for a script she gave us and serenity mercier for her thoughts and encouragement.  Here is the SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/121/105/21

There are a few directions at the start where you arrive.  There are umbrellas to float on and balloons to hold onto as well.  The build is a city that spreads from the wealthy to the poor pod people.  I won't get into that, but there is also a zap gun on a table which you can wear and go into mouse look to shoot.  Mouselook - press esc and zoom in with scroll wheel or press M.   Cica and I spent quite a while running around shooting each other so bring your friends and do the same.  When you hit the other person they will tp back to the start PROVIDED they are in the experience (Bryn Oh's experience) if you are not in the experience you will be tpd to your home, which will be pretty irritating.  There is a sphere to click to join the experience at the start.  I like to just float around working on things listening to my stream there.  And shooting Cica.  If Cica says she is better than me at that game then please don't listen.  It is all lies.  I am way better than her.


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