"Hand" - part three Telephone Jesus and the falling man

I know I said we would start Flutters story this post, but I actually have to talk about a few other things first which are part of the social layering of the society for the narrative.  While the overall story is for a very close but alternative version of our world, it does over lap.    Across the street from the Rebirth Store you will notice Flutter walking towards some ramps and boards which lead into the apartment building.  I think I have mentioned in previous posts about creating a composition using the "eyepath" to lead the viewers attention to different focal points.   In a static image the eyepath is easy to use but with a virtual space where the viewer might
Telephone Jesus
Duck lipped selfie
look at a scene from many different angles it is a bit more tricky.  Some might notice a stone sculpture haphazardly nailed to a telephone pole.  Different things point or lead to it and should the viewer stand before him and follow his gaze they will see he looks down upon a broken cell phone.  A piece of detritus from the past.   I think the social commentary of the telephone Jesus is self explanatory so lets move on to the cell phone.  People who are familiar with my work know that interaction is an important element in my creations.  You have to click on things to find other layers or hidden parts.  The cell phone is one such thing.   When you click it you will be teleported to the last image taken on the phone..  a selfie. The selfie is of a girl making duck lips in front of the burning Twin Towers from 911.  The duck face or duck lip selfie was a craze for a while and it has already passed actually.   We are now in the time of the Fish Gape selfie.  I imagined this after reading about a trend where people were taking smiling selfies around dead people.  At accident scenes etc.  The total lack of empathy and the ... I guess emotional detachment?  A type of desensitization that maybe comes from the over saturation of similar content we find online.  Over the last ten years we have seen the simon cowells and that angry chef guy and others who TV has engineered into a type of hero.  Trump in a way is a product of that.   So the Duck lipped selfie comments on a person who could take such an image of themselves to post imagining that it is something others will "like".  You can see behind her a tiny dot... again if you zoom in and touch you will discover the falling man.  Building the falling man was one of the more difficult things I have had to make.  It is a man who gracefully falls to his own death.  He almost appears calm and at peace.  I tried to find out who he was, so I could then understand if he was there delivering something.. if he worked there, if he had a family,
The falling man
girlfriend, parents and grandparents.  I wanted to know who he was but he remained a mystery.  I have not found anywhere that identifies him, he is an anonymous falling man.  He falls and perhaps his life flashes before his eyes as they say it does.  Maybe he has regrets, things he wishes he could have said or done.  In the end though, within the social mediaverse he is a prop for the duck faced selfie. 
Ironically people would "like" his death.


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