Mayor of Era Island

So I just became Mayor of Era Island on Google maps.  I am looking for people interested in living there with me.  Need some fishermen, town criers, food venders and things like that.  It's a remote and cold little island in the Northwest passage by Greenland so I will be honest with you.. it won't be easy.  Not as easy as adding your picture anyway.  So if you want to add your avatar to Google maps as living there with me then take a picture of your avatar and write your profession under it like I did above.  Then go here..,-78.2652204,10.13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4e0b71705947cf95:0xaac304135e1bde50

Log into your gmail account and on that page in the bottom right you will see some pictures that say "show imagery".  Click on that and add your picture.  It can be our secret little island on google maps where we can live uncomfortably until Google discovers this flaw and removes us.


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