Lobby Cam part three

July 26th

     While I was out in the fields today, strangely, my mind kept returning to the lobby camera.  I imagined the bustling life there perhaps with a person to match each strand of wheat in my field.  I went home, made dinner and found the lobby channel.   She walked in almost immediately, opened her mailbox and peered inside.  From the table she picked up her letters and started to read them.  She is slight, small and almost homely.  I can see a flicker of a smile flow across her face like the wind waves across my wheat as she reads.  Who is she?  What does she do?  Does she live alone?  I bet she has cats.  Enough to give her an uncomfortable sleep as they lay claims to different parts of her bed.  As I was daydreaming she suddenly left.  "Bye Fern" I murmured out loud.  I decided to name her Fern after the thin,  graceful yet resilient plants who suffered the wind gusts by my barn.   I watched the silent lobby for a moment and hesitated, then I saved the channel into my "favorites".

   One of the topics behind this narrative is the way in which we project personalities, morals and other attributes onto individuals whom we come across through watching the various media we interact with on a regular basis.  So that ranges from reality shows which give the impression we can safely watch others anonymously then are expected to offer an opinion, an opinion that counts through voting etc, on who or what they are based on the contrived editing which accompanies that shows particular narrative.  There are many variations of this scenario but I chose to use a security camera and a girl who the main character comes to feel he knows.

August 3rd

     A week has gone by and I find myself watching the lobby channel more often.  I am curious if perhaps Fern goes out later at night or ever comes home with a friend, but I never see her outside my dinner time.  It is 6pm and I am eating my dinner, but I think she is just getting home from work.  People in cities finish work around 5pm don't they?   
     I saw her drop a piece of paper as she picked up her letters from the table.  A long slip of paper with some red on the end.  Big letters T.T.C  emblazoned at the top.. what is that?

For the unnamed man the arrival of Fern has invigorated him in some manner that is unexpected even to himself.    The peculiarity of the situation mingled with an alluring young lady create a mystery for him to consider during the routine of his quiet life.


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