Tanr Prize Best Exhibition 2014 - The Golden Age of Russian Avant-Garde

 Great news!
Alpha Auer

     The hybrid artwork that was created both in Second Life and at the Manezh museum in Moscow
has won a prestigious award in Russia beating out  some remarkable competition to claim the prize.

Here is the announcement by Saskia Boddeke.

Bryn Oh
"We have been awarded the Tanr Prize Best Exhibition 2014, the annual award of The Art Newspaper Russia for the installation: The Golden Age of Russian Avant-Garde which was shown last year April at the Manezh in Moscow.
Nessuno Myoo

     The Multimedia installation consisted of a huge art -installation created with projection screens telling about the raise and fall of the Russian Avant-Garde from 1910 to 1930. The basis of the exhibition was the work of painter Kazimir Malevich Black canvas from 1915, the most famous painting of the Russian avant-garde period.

      Part of the exhibition was an installation about the ~Russian Avant Garde in the online game/ world: Second-Life with the artists: Bryn Oh, Alpha Auer, Jo Ellsmere, Nessuno Myoo, Eupalinos Ugajin , Caer Balogh and Soror Nishi."



And thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts for their support as well. 


Much deserved, it was an exceptional installation!
Honour McMillan said…
Bravo to all of you!!!
Bill Freese said…
Поздравляю Вас
Bill Freese said…
Поздравляю Вас

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