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Bryn Oh Calendar 2015
A while ago I was contacted by Art Blue in order to create a bunch of Bryn Oh Calendars featuring
my art work.  Jami Mills, Ziki Questi and Art created a really beautiful calendar and I have just received 10 in the mail.  Art produced the calendar for a specific purpose, hundreds were sent out to various museums and galleries across the United States and Europe with a simple message for the curators.  I will post it below.

Immersive Digital Art
Bryn Oh

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Digital art might not fit into any particular category of your institution just now, nor might it be a key target of your collection, but in a few years it might be different.  40 years ago when I was in high school, I made my first steps into this field, so I know the history.  I had only  a computer driven pencil, a plotter as it is now called.  Now we live in the Metaverse - "just in a few years' time we will all meet there", says George Bloom, director at CBS Digital.

Enjoy this first calendar of Bryn Oh, a virtual artist and pioneer in this field.  Please store it; keep it in your archives for the future.  That's all we are asking.  Many works that artists created with computers 40, 50, 60 years ago are now lost, and few have been preserved well enough to present to the public.

We offer you the opportunity to download the prints as raw screenshots [png files] in a 6,016 x 6,016 pixel format for exhibition purposes.  Send us an email with a full imprint and I would be happy to send you the links to download.  You may print and reproduce them after receiving a confirmation from our foundation.  There are no costs involved; we simply wish to ensure they are presented with the highest quality.

Jami Mills, editor of rez magazine, will be happy to send you some text for publication that is suited to the prints.

Yours sincerly
Reiner Schneeberger
Director Stiftung Kunstinformatik

Daughter of gears oil painting 30x40

Art has proved to be quite the patron as he has also purchased both my Daughter of Gears oil painting and "Mask" an oil painting I did of my avatar.

     I have now 9 calendars which I was not sure what do with.  I have decided to sell them as a way to create income to help pay tier for my virtual region Immersiva.  To be upfront, it costs me $300 USD a month to keep Immersiva and the money raised would go exclusively towards paying tier and whatever costs are associated with mailing out the calendar.  So if you have enjoyed my work over the years and would like something physical to remember it by, would
Mask oil painting 30x40
like to be a patron or simply to donate then feel free to contact me for a calendar.  You are welcome to donate as much as you like naturally, but a minimum of $100 USD is fine for the calendar in lindens, paypal or whatever.  I can also sign it, just let me know if you would like that.

I would like to thank Art Blue, Jami Mills and Ziki questi among others for their selfless and generous desire to preserve my artwork.  It is a great deal of time and effort not to mention expense to create these calendars and they do so because they feel the art created in virtual environments are important and worth preserving.


JanRed said…
Please provide a link or email address that will work with PayPal so that those of us who would like to do this, can. Thanks.
Bryn Oh said…
Can contact me at
Rachel said…
Where can we purchase a Calendar?
Bryn Oh said…
From me Rachel, I have 9 at home which I will ship out to the first people who contact me.

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