New Years goals for me and Mr Linden.

Lobby Cam test
     My new years resolution is to finish a multitude of projects that are hanging over me like some
morbidly obese vulture desperately trying to stay airborne.  So here they are for those of you who like to know what I am up to.  I have
to finish up a machinima for Imogen and the Pigeons as per an Ontario Arts Council grant, I have a new an exciting project at the Jewish Museum in Berlin which will also be a hybrid event shown in SL.  I am slowly building the new story for Immersiva called Lobby Camera.  I am creating a book for Imogen and the Pigeons as well as The Singularity of Kumiko.  I am painting an oil painting for use in the new build Lobby Camera.  Finally I am working on a massive project which I have signed a non disclosure agreement for but it relates to PTSD.  I really want to talk about that one but not sure when I can.  Oh yes I also want to create a project using the Occulus Rift combined with the Stem system.  So getting all that done and hopefully not adding too much more is my goal right now.  What I would really like to do is catch that low flying Vulture and make a pie out of him.
Lobby Cam test
    This is a few things I think Linden Lab should do.  First they should fix the TOS or explain in detail why they need it worded the way they have it.  I personally don't care if they are part owners of my work if they simply need a blanket  ownership of content to allow them to transfer or test transferring our content to the new SL2.0.  I think it has been far more damaging to them to leave it up to the community to guess what their intentions are.  Linden Lab should also grant us the ability to customize the day cycle for windlights.  Let us slowly merge between a half dozen windlights.  Linden Lab need to devise a method for people to effectively promote their events.  Currently there is the destination guide which is ok but many residents are unaware of or uninterested in keeping track.  Currently most events seem to be promoted by residents in their own groups which have several hundred members.  There should be promotional groups with 100,000 members.  Perhaps ask new users a few questions on what interests them when they join and then automatically give them a handful of groups which they can delete later if they want to.  A new user could get a notice one hour for live music, the next for an art exhibit opening, the next for a game of some sort and so on.  It gives them things to do and ensures that there are others around when they arrive to socialize with.  Linden Lab need to reduce tier and then open
mystery build!
up second life to the hypergrid.  They need to focus on making money from marketplace where they take a percentage off of clothing and furnishing the hypergrid rather than just SL.  It would be painful to start, but hopefully SL2.0 will arrive and have additional revenue in some form to make up the difference lost by tier.  Regions are dropping steadily so do it now while you can still get the news out to the population base which is also declining.  Create perks for land owners such as reducing monthly tier after owning land for a year.  So lets say the new tier cost were $100 a month, if you keep the land a year then they chop off $20.  Then keep it another year and it drops another $20 and so on until it reaches a floor of say $40.  It is more difficult for people to let a sim go if they have had it for years and are getting a deal.  Make it non transferable perhaps.  Ok these are a few things off the top of my head feel free to add more suggestions in the comments about things Linden Lab should try.  Oh and Merry Christmas!



Sellers on the Marketplace already pay a commission to Linden Labs. A percentage fee for buying Lindens might work better.
Betty Tureaud said…
I do not know which advertising agency LL uses to promote knowledge about SL.
But it's time to show what level SL is today. There are outstandning inworld photographers whose knowledge LL could use in their marketing.
Bryn Oh said…
Yep I know sellers on MP pay a fee thats why they should open up MP to the hypergrid so that they can get more from people outfitting those grids. Really what I want them to do is find ways to make money here there and everywhere to replace the income they would lose from reducing tier. I totally agree Betty and that also goes for crossover event planners too. I have seen so many educational promotions and other types of rl conferences where they create images or machinima to promote them and they are dreadful. Hire someone to make a machinima for your conference! Don't use default avatars with no AO and lip synching! Linden Lab could have also promoted so many events over the years that used the platform. Even just an article on their blog with tags for journalists to find in a google search. They should make a news section to their site and hire a writer who searches SL for events to write about.. then have them send off press packages to RL papers, magazines, educational institutions and so on. Get people hearing about Stephen Hawkins talking here or the World Expo, Peter Greenaway and the many many other newsworthy things to counter all the lazy journalism about virtual strippers.
Ah, sorry, I missed your drift. In principle I agree -- there really needs to be inter-grid transportability (in all senses). One difficulty however is that SL and other grids is that they're not wholly compatible. I gather scripts can be especially problematic. I don't know what sorts of scripts get into trouble, however. I think newer, single-script resizers might be among them, which would be a biggie, but I could be wrong. There might be a way to limit searches in the Marketplace to things that would work elsewhere, but that would depend on (1) sellers knowing what can travel and what doesn't, and (2) LL fixing the execrable search capabilities of the MP.
Bryn Oh said…
Yes I could see that as being a problem too. Thing with scripts is that the code used is fairly weak and outdated, which suggests that they wouldn't be able to be transferred to the new SL for sure as they will likely have much more efficient and versatile code, but hopefully the differences between code in SL and similar code in Open Sim and others is fairly minor. Linden Lab are known for releasing things that don't really work yet (mesh clothes?), and the community find ways to make them work, so while I agree with you that there could be issues I don't necessarily think that would stop it from happening.
Ditto Turbo said…
Im looking forward to seeing all of your future work. I really appreciate how much you do in SL and how much you care about SL. I have been a fan for many years.

As for the things Linden should do,I agree fully. I could add a few more;dr -current avi Gonzo Tigerfish aka Riech Corinthian

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