Drik Magazine interview

     I had done an interview for Drik Magazine a while ago and forgot to mention it.  They are a Spanish publication and so, if you are fortunate enough to speak Spanish, which sadly I am not, then here is the translation.  There is also the English original here.  Some parts of the interview may seem familiar because I have used them in other interviews.  One thing that is a bit tiring with interviews is that often you come across the same questions over and over again.  It is not the fault of the interviewer as they are completely rational questions to ask, however, I often would spend a long time trying to answer the same question I had come across before in a different manner.  Then one day I told this to a friend and they said "What on earth are you talking about... keep a record of all your questions and all your responses and if you have answered a question once exactly the way you want to then why fool around,  just paste it in the new interview."  The thing is this is true because all the people who read the Drik magazine article will be reading my views for the first time.  You are probably reading this and saying "yes obviously Bryn you toolbox"  but what can I say I always thought I had to write something new or it was cheating.


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