Bryn Oh retrospective 2007-2014

    Starting in October there will be a full region retrospective of my work which I am setting up for a digital festival called Arts & Algorithms  running in first life from October 3-12, 2014 in Titusville, FL.  The event will also have an avatar stationed on Immersiva for the guests to use to navigate the Singularity of Kumiko.
     I have never done a retrospective of my work before so this will somehow encompass the years from 2007-2014 ... approximately 100k of work on a 15k sim (feels headache beginning).  So what I thought was to see if anyone had some favorites which they would like rezzed or perhaps portions rezzed.  Check the list, and depending on how old your av is, then you will perhaps remember some and wish to see them again or maybe there are some you missed.  Let me know in world if you have any you think I should include or leave a comment after this post.

     I have listed my works in order and have not included the smaller ones or single sculptures.  So for example the ones listed below tend to be more elaborate narratives, where I also did stand alone sculptures that didn't have, hmm, I guess duration to them.. you just looked at them as an aesthetic piece, and those I have not listed here.  Oh and I just uploaded Condos in Heaven for this retrospective as it, well my whole Blip TV account, was deleted by them without warning.  Thank you Blip arseholes.  The machinima is from 2008, so a bit dated, but I still like it.  I am fond of it as it was one of my first conceptual works with an immersive feel to it.

So if there are ones below you would like me to include let me know and I will try to fit them in.  Each has a link to its respective machinima if you need a reminder which they were.

Gashlycrumb Tinies (2008)
Condos in Heaven (2008) 
7 Backspaces (2009)
Angler Girl (2009)
Daughter of Gears (2009)
Vessel's Dream (2009)
4Jetpacks4 (2009)
Willow (2009)
The Rabbicorn Story (2009)
26 Tines (2010)
The World Expo Shanghai regions 1 (No Light) 2 (No Colour) 3 (No Sound) (2010)
Lady Carmagnolle (2010)
Format (2010)
Mayfly (2010)
Avatar Games (2011)
Rusted Gears (2011)
Box (2011)
Anna's Many Murders (2011)
The Path (2011)
Gretchen and Teddy (2011)
Family Unit (2012)
Further Along the Path (2012)
The Cube Project (2012)
Standby (2012)
Virginia Alone (2012)
Imogen and the Pigeons (2013)
Dance of Death (2013)
The Singularity of Kumiko (2014)
Golden Age of the Russian Avant Garde (2014)


Josain said…
What a relief! When I saw the "-2014", I thought "Not another great one down!"
Wish I could attend.
My said…
One of my favorites was the Rabbicorn (is it so old already? Amazing...). The story was so touching. And the Avatar Games were such a fun! But I also would like to discover less known works from you. So above all I rejoice to see this retrospective, whatever you will show.
Maddy Gynoid said…
I visited a lot of your installations since 2008, starting with the tower in the middle of the Black Swan sim. But there are three scenes that have burned into my brain and I would like to see one (or all) of them again in your retrospective. These scenes all coming from your incredible "Standby" story. And all of them showing the Daughter of Gears together with the Rabbicorn.

To make it easier for me to explain which scenes I think about, here are some snapshots that I made years ago:

1. Daughter & Rabbicorn in the rain
2. Daughter & Rabbicorn wired together in the park
3. Daughter & Rabbicorn in their white hive mind space

Hence, it's also a scene I would like to see again.

4. Corridor from Vessel's Dream

Thank you for all those years of great virtual art and touching stories!
Bryn Oh said…
Ok great I will try to squeeze those in
Maddy Gynoid said…
Argh, somethig got lost in my first comment. Before the fourth picture it should have read:

In addition I remember the computer chip corridor from your installation "Vessel's Dream". That was the time I bought me a SpaceNavigator and learned how to use the flycam. :)
Hence, it's also a scene I would like to see again.
Bryn Oh said…
Ahh the spacenav would be perfect for that :) Ok I just added Vessel's Dream to the sim!
Bunny said…
The Daughter of Gears/Rabbicorn/Standby trilogy I feel is "essential Oh", if you'll excuse the expression. That may be because Daughter of Gears and Rabbicorn were the first works of yours I saw, or maybe because I'm partial to rabbits. In any event, I feel any sort of Bryn Oh retrospective would have to include some nod to that over-all story.

I'll also add Virginia Alone to the list. I was fascinated exploring that build, and there is a certain vertigo in the world-crossing nature of it. Bryn Oh is a virtual artist controlled by a physical artist who made a virtual art installation about a physical person. Thinking through that can be a bit disorienting, in some ways.

Finally, for its emotional impact, I'd include Singularity. That one had me reduced to tears at the end (as indeed did Standby), and I am not an emotional person. I also feel that Singularity covered a lot of ground about the nature of our civilization, commercialization, technology, and our relationship with death. There is a lot to think about with that piece.

But there is so much more... I don't envy you having to choose.
Mireille said…
Hi, Bryn. Happy news about this retrospective...I think it's a fabulous idea! (Could you somehow have two or more sims to conjoin for more prims? I think that would be great. I don't know who is paying the bill, and I certainly understand such limitations - but I had to mention hopes...)

I hope you include Willow from 2009...and as I am watching the machinimae that follow "Condos in Heaven," I really am enjoying them all. "Elliot" spoke to me; I loved that... And your hand with the camera is impeccable, even in the earlier pieces. Beautiful!

Enjoy your preparations, Bryn. Can't wait to see the programme!
Bryn Oh said…
Going to try to include Virginia Alone Loraan but its a tricky one to capture and Mireille the event received two LEA sims and the other one has plans already.. two sims would be nice though but oh so greedy of me haha. And yes I put in Willow the Brooklyn is Watching version
Natsuki Morigi said…
It will be wonderful to get the chance to experience Condos in heaven again. I found it so powerful and moving before. Thank you for the chance to see experience some of these again
Anonymous said…
The Standby Trilogy, especially The Rabbicorn Story, touched me in a way few things ever have. I would love to see this again - even if just the Rabbicorn Story. For sheer fun and delight, Anna's Many Murders can't be topped. Would love to see her in action again. Thanks and good luck!
Unknown said…
I really love your dandelions, which have shown up in a few different works. Something about them seems to capture the "you" I think of, how it is somehow both common and ethereal (if that makes any sense).

And that radio sound, the one which showed up now and then and which I think I remember having to do with your father? Somehow I associate that with you as well.

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