Elliot Amber machinima

     Elliot Amber is a character from Imogen and the pigeons.  He was one of a few who had rooms along the hall down from where Imogen stayed in the asylum. Over the next little while I will be creating more short machinima for some of the poems of the minor characters, and then a larger machinima of perhaps 35 minutes for the Imogen and the pigeons narrative as part of the new media grant from the Ontario Arts Council.  Ah the sweet melancholy that awaits you poor reader but hopefully you will enjoy.

     I am also rebuilding my store and updating it with artworks I have created recently.  I hadn't realized it was so out of date missing most things I have created over the last year... so I have now put out Elliot Amber who has the machinima link in him when clicked.   Here is the new shop which is still under construction http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/77/97/1152 
You will have to change the windlight when you arrive as it is set to the very dark one I use for the Singularity of Kumiko build on the ground below.


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